Alpine HydroClimatology is a research team at the Department of Geography of the University of Innsbruck (Austria). Our scientific interest is monitoring, understanding and modelling hydrological and climatological processes in Alpine regions, the human-environment interface in coupled mountain water systems and their co-evolution in a changing climate.

Currently, all our research locations are situated in the European Alps.

We are interested in mountain water systems with complex topography at local to regional scales. In our projects, research is focused to:

  • Alpine catchment climatology and hydrology
  • Snow and glacier hydrology
  • Boundary layer processes
  • Climate monitoring
  • Scaling and regionalization
  • Development of hydroclimatological process models
  • Effects of climate change
  • Land-atmosphere coupling
  • Stochastic weather generation
  • Seasonal predictions
  • Co-evolution of human-environment water systems

Department of Geography

University of Innsbruck