Weather Stations

The AHC team carries out a variety of monitoring activities in the super test site “Rofen Valley” (Ötztal Alps, Tyrol, Austria), a paper that describes and publishes the available data has just recently been published (link to paper).
To continuously record various climate (e.g. temperature, precipitation, wind speed, relative humidity in- and outgoing fluxes of short- and longwave radiation) and snow variables (e.g. snow depth and snow temperature) two automatic weather stations (AWS) have been installed in the recent past:

To get an overview of the station recordings at both sites covering the last days click one of the links provided above. If you would like to generate custom tailored dynamic plots for one or both of the stations: 

Please try out our dynamic plotting section! 

These stations supplement the existing station network in the area and help to provide valuable meteorological input for hydroclimatological modelling as well as as a reference for model evaluation activities (see map of the hydroclimatological station network in the Rofen Valley below, click to enlarge). Please note that the map provides an overview of existing hydroclimatological monitoring activities which are not all carried out by the AHC team.